Television Show King Of The Hill Essay

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Many times arguments are based upon viewpoints. Viewpoints about the individual. This is because every person, no matter where you go or who you talk to, has a different viewpoint as apposed to your own. The animated television show King of the Hill, created by Mike judge, exemplifies viewpoints that society views versus what the show portrays within itself. In the show, Hank (who is married to Peggy and also the father of his son Bobby) often times is with his friends. Who is the real “man” of the house? Do women actually do more work then the men? Women do just as much work as Men. First, women have the responsibility of their children while the husband is away at work. The mother of the children is responsible for getting their kids to and from where they need to be such as school. The typical hours a man is gone in a day is around six o 'clock in the morning to roughly four o 'clock at night. He can not leave work to go take his child to his friends house or a practice. The women are left with this responsibility. In King of the Hill, Hank works as a Propane Gas Salesmen. He is hardly working in the show so Peggy is the one taking their son Bobby where he needs to be.
Although in real society this is not always the case, (where the man is home during the day) it is in this situation. What happens if the Husband and Wife both have jobs? When both parents are working, they need to find a place for their kids to be or someone to watch them if they are incapable of…

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