Essay about Television Show Glee, By Tina Cohen Chang

1316 Words Nov 4th, 2015 6 Pages
For many years, the famous television show Glee had been known for their diverse cultures and roles. There were roles ranging from Becky Jackson, a girl with Down’s Syndrome experiencing high school, to Tina Cohen-Chang, an Asian Goth who faked a stutter. But the utmost diverse role of all went to Artie Abrams, a paralyzed boy stuck in a wheelchair. Throughout the series, Glee showed the viewers the struggles Artie went through while in high school and how he overcame nearly all of them. In addition, Glee was a phenomenal series that showed the struggles handicap people went through everyday. As for the boy in the wheelchair, he strived to overcome challenging obstacles thrown at him including real life critics, bullies, and everyday situations. In terms of Jack A. Nelson’s stereotypes, Arties character tends to familiarize and challenge many of the stereotypes of disabled people. It all started on the very first episode. The world was introduced to an incredibly diverse group of teens, making it simple for the audience to connect with a character. Glee had about every role possible with it came to personalities. Not only were there stereotypes of disabled people, but stereotypes on high school personas as well, such as teen pregnancy or homosexual relationships. One persona, in particular, was Artie Abrams. Throughout the years, not very many shows included a paralyzed boy in and wheelchair, especially one that was in the main cast. Artie Abrams, portrayed by Kevin…

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