Television : Popular Culture Can Be Found Everywhere Essay

1134 Words Jun 25th, 2016 5 Pages
In the United States, popular culture can be found everywhere. Social media websites, video games, TV shows are some examples of popular culture. Watching TV is one of the most common ways that United States citizens have to entertain themselves in their spare time. There a several cable companies that offered thousands of channels from where to chose. In addition, most of United States citizens have more than one TV in their houses. However, a television is not longer need if a person wants to watch their favorites TV shows. Today, there are several devices like tablets, laptops and even a smartphone. There are also different companies that provide streaming services of several season of different TV shows and movies. An examples of these companies are Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime. Before internet and even cable, people could only watch their favorite TV show when it was streaming during the time slot. Repeat an episode was not an option; everybody got together around the TV to watched the show. Now with all the technology, people can watch television without worry about the time, day or place. United States citizens should be aware that the time they spend in front of a TV it is not productive. The most important problem is the addiction that is caused by watching TV. Many people enjoy watching different TV series; they can not miss an episode of their favorites shows. TV shows are part of the popular culture because were absorbed by the viewers as part of their…

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