Essay on Television Is The Pinnacle Of Entertainment

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Primetime television is the pinnacle of entertainment, a time to relax and catch up on a good show, watch the news, and even cheer on our favorite sports team. Though, over the years it seems as though this favorite pastime has slowly become jaded with offensive material and changed primetime television from a time that could be spent with family to a time where watchers must be on guard of any inappropriate material.
Primetime TV should be an appropriate source of entertainment for viewers of all ages, having censorships can allow for this without the possibility of viewers being exposed to something they aren’t entirely comfortable with.
The trouble with the idea of censorship is that it’s such broad term that when the word is mentioned it can become upsetting, and people will feel as if their freedom is being snatched from the grip of their hands. It’s ideal to get into the details when expressing the idea of censorship. You’d find that, the word, although frightening to some, can have a positive outcome depending on the situation. When the idea of censoring the TV arises people tend to associate this to the censorship of all media. When, in truth there are differences. With the censorship of the television, more specifically Primetime television it becomes aware with the current situations that dwell with censorships and takes into account the different multitude of viewers that are tuning in throughout these hours. Now, more than ever people are turning to the TV, with…

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