Television Is The Most Popular Form Of Entertainment Essay

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Entertainment has been around in many forms for decades. Radio, plays, and other forms have all been around longer than television. Despite this, television is the most popular form of entertainment so far in the history of mankind. People sit on their couches every week watching their new episode of The Walking Dead or their other favorite shows and doing this basically as a tradition. Television is something that brings families together around the holidays and it is something we go to when we feel lonely or sick and need something to do that wastes the next 4 hours of our lives. From movies to comedy TV shows, anything can be found within a click on the remote. Most of these shows are the same and people wonder why people will sit in front of a TV for hours a week just to watch the same thing just with a little change. The show called The 100 is one that explains why people come back week after week as it is not like any other show out there. The 100 is a show about a group of humans who live in space because the earth has been destroyed due to radiation poisoning. Their ship however is running out of oxygen and they will need to find a new place to call home. In an attempt to do this, they send 100 juveniles down to planet Earth to see if it is inhabitable. When down their, they discover that not only is it inhabitable, but there are already people down there. As the seek to survive they realize that life as they knew it 100 years ago is completely changed and so have…

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