Television Is The Most Influential Platform Of Media Essay

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Nowadays, media is an essential need in our daily lives; specifically television. Television continues to be the most influential platform of media. It is a global phenomenon that is still so prevalent to many people across the globe. Statistically, in 2013, Canadians spent approximately 36 hours watching TV per week(Gasher, Skinner, & Lorimer, pg. 3). For these reasons, it is crucial for television to portray positive role models for their audience. Even though the belief of television essentially being sexist is hugely popular, the platform has shaped through the years to become a modern and confident representation of genders. The roles of women and even men in television have shifted to conform to society’s plea to end the stereotypes and inequality of gender. The role of women in modern television has changed through the years. Women’s roles do not revolve around men’s lives. That the idea that women should be just a minor character or as a prize for the main male character is slowly withering away. Studies suggest the increase of women on television portrayed as working in contrast to the simple housewife on TV shows of the 1960s and 1970s(Elasmar, Hasegawa, & Brain, 1999). Back in the day, television shows such as Bewitched, depicted women choosing to give up their career and independence for the role of wife and mother(Spence, 2011). This fact is not to say that a domestic role in real life is not important; however, women are not to be merely objects used to…

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