Television Is An Important Aspect For People Essay example

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Contemporary TV in today’s society has taken up a vast amount of time in people’s lives. People can spend hours in a day just watching TV mindlessly, however, is this time spent watching TV making a person smarter? The television shows that people watch today are a primary form of entertainment for a majority of America. Shows also convey information to viewers. For years now people have wanted dumb, simple TV, but as the culture began to develop more cognitively people want complex and intelligent television. I believe contemporary TV is an important aspect for people to gain knowledge and information about the world. It can be a way for college students to become engaged citizens from what they learn from watching television. It doesn’t necessarily matter whether information comes from a TV series, a comedy news show or from a hard hitting formal newscast. Students can gain knowledge about practical skills and contemporary politics from watching TV. Any information or knowledge a college student gains from television is far better than receiving no information at all. An engaged citizen can have multiple different meanings, but for a college student to be an engaged citizen, I think they need to become a part of the community they are living in and make connections with people. Students should know about events happening around them, so they have a chance to become engaged in them. I also think they should have to know about what is happening in the world…

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