Television Effect On Children Essay

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HOW TELEVISION AFFECTS ON CHILDREN Television was invented during the 1925 by a Scottish inventor John Baird. After fourteenth years, the American finally make an adaptation and starts to broadcasting their own around the country. Until today, TV is still being used for its function and making an influences on the people of this society. It is unavoidable that children are attract to the television more than adult because of the sound and animated pictures. However, as the future has advanced, people are too busy with work that they forget about their children and left them at home. The possibilities that they can have while staying home alone is either homework or television. Back then, the purposes of television was visually communication between the government to the people, and entertainment. Now, in order to expand their popularity and trustworthy toward the audience, television stations added heaps of different channels with each being dedicated to education, news, variety shows, music, and ect... In short, there are more choices for children to select and watch on their own without being …show more content…
TV may have created the best leisure time for children, but it is also a monster that taking away the child 's play time and getting engaged into something productive. Apart from learning, television also cause some sort of health problems due to the lack of exercising therefore leading into obesity. With the push and pull between benefits and disadvantages, I 've come into undecided for the final verdict. It is really depend on each person 's point of view in order to define if television has a negative or positive affect on young children. Nonetheless, the research has helped me looking into the matters and the post-effect of television. It is a great experiences to research on my own about this topic and hopefully I did a decent job delivering it to others as

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