Television Education And Its Benefits For Today 's Children Essay

1100 Words Feb 18th, 2016 null Page
Adolescents are currently less well educated, due to the fact that television education can not overtake the traditional way of learning which is the book. Although some people do agree that television cannot replace the book, there is some evidence that states, it is important to include the television in school teaching system because of its benefits for today’s children. The purpose of this essay is to demonstrate why television education must be included in schools education systems and well then discuss the effects of television on children after that it will illustrate the benefits that children get from television education and lastly, it will focus on finding a balance between the two sides to get more efficient learning tool for children ; despite television’s disadvantages .

As a result of television viewing, children 's creativity and imagination are declining. Children spend most of their time watching TV, for this reason they do not have the chance to explore the world around them as they stay all day in front of TV screen instead of playing outdoors and that destroys their awareness period, which gives rise to a zombie viewer (Fisch, 2005, p.13). Whereas by reading a book at school, that gives a chance for a child to expand his knowledge by widening the story-time programme activity that makes learning more interesting for children (Maria & Jennifer, 2016) as they interact. With this in mind, they learn something new to develop their knowledge by different…

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