Essay Television And The Future Of Television

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In the early years of the development of television, TV shows and broadcasts could only show an actors’ hands and face due to the lack of a large screen that could broadcast the show. I have investigated thoroughly and have spent a many days researching in departments regarding television. Many people in their everyday lives interact with the television in some way or another. They may check the news, watch sports games, catch up on their favorite shows, use them for recreational purposes, or even just find something to watch on a rainy day. However, we don’t know where it started because it has evolved so much. The future TV may even be completely different than what it is today. After reading this people will learn how television began along with the creator, how it stands today, and what could change intended for the future of television. Television was not created by just one individual, but was a concept that was added onto over time. Many people suggest that John Logie Baird, a Scottish inventor, is known to be the father of television, for his works in being able to successfully transmit to a receiver that broadcasted a moving image in 1926. However his device was not an all electronic television, but was a electro-mechanical system. Other people believe the father of modern day television to be Philo Farnsworth, an American scientist. In 1927 Philo created an all electronic TV system which we would all now know as the TV. People will also debate Paul Gottlieb…

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