Television And Radio Influence Us Americans Essay

1027 Words Jul 29th, 2015 5 Pages
Late at night when I’m lying in bed, I think deep into how the world actually works. Everyone seems so blind to the truth now that the media has taken control of people’s minds. It is very difficult to think on our own when there are other outlets giving false information and disbeliefs. The matrix is a machine that makes the mind of a human blind to what’s really around. I try to understand what is going on when it comes down to our society in the United States, how the human body functions, and what makes us who we are. When it comes to people in society there are many followers. The television and radio influence us Americans because of mind control. There are ways for the media to manipulate us and control what others do. One way to do this is the news. In this country the news is mostly false. If images or videos are recorded then people can make a story off of what is shown. The story doesn’t have to be true, but it is definitely made for profit. Which brings me to my next point: our country and world is mostly based on money. The division between classes is based on money. This division is made up race, gender, and social status. The matrix blinds people from the real problems of the world and replaces it with distractions. Our main distractions now are cell phones. Cellular devices hold a ton of information that no other public device has held before. There is internet, clocks, calendars, and apps that can do almost anything at the touch of the screen. With…

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