Essay on Television And Its Impact On Television

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That 70’s Show Television has given us means of entry to so much more material out there in the world such as news, religions, and a pronounced look at what is occurring in other places besides America. Not only that, television has also allowed us to have numerous methods of entertainment such as sports, music videos, and sitcoms. If you truly think about it, it is very difficult to imagine life without television. We have all become accustomed to its availability and resources. The biggest entity on television surely has to be entertainment. Entertaining sit-coms like That 70’s Show, exemplifies qualities of good television that include: cast of likeable characters, comical relief, and a relatable plot. Pump up the volume on the 8-track and go back to a period when platform shoes and flared jeans were all the hype in this funny retro-sitcom. The characters that make up the show include Eric, Kelso, Jackie, Hyde, Donna and Fez, a group of high school adolescents who spend most of their time after school in Eric’s basement. The show focuses on their struggles of trying to figure out the significance of living, eluding their parents, and learning how to deal with crazy hormones. Throughout all of their struggles and adventures they have learned that they will always get by with a little help from their friends or get into even more trouble. Whatever it may be, they are in it together. All the perfect aspects of a good television show. There is a significant difference…

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