Television And Its Effects On Children Essay

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Television Expanding Waistlines
Television is setting off an extremely detrimental chain reaction, occurring around the world. The common affliction being, obesity. As this epidemic grows, panic ensues and fingers are being pointed in attempt to uncover the culprit. Damaging behaviors conceived during the influential and venerable time of childhood can be blamed for the worsening situation. Nearly one in five adolescents are categorized as obese (Pearson et al. 317-323). Generally, obese children become obese adults unless something drastic is done to prevent it. Television manipulates minds and expands waistbands with subliminal advertising, and the promotion of an unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits; all effected by the amount of television watched.
Daily life is filled with advertisements, which do not only appear on television through commercials, but also in a more subliminal, sinister wave of influence present in product placement. These advertisements are an indirect contributor to obesity. Advertisements for unhealthy food, consisting largely of sugar and fat, are more common in television than any other media sources (Pearson et al. 317-323). Innocent viewers are unknowingly having thoughts of empty-calorie snacks or fast-food implanted into their brains. Different types of advertisements and persuasion techniques are directed towards all types of audiences. For teens and younger children, foods being shown and endorsed on television are especially influential…

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