Television And Its Effects On Children And Adults Essay

870 Words Sep 27th, 2015 4 Pages
Is television evil? Should people completely avoid television as Karen Springen’s daughters Jazzy and Gigi did? Should parents, similarly to Springen, say, “We don’t allow our kids to watch TV. Period.”? Even though there are educational channels that can actually benefit children and adults alike in their academics, should children and adults completely avoid watching these educational programs solely because televisions display them? Should people who receive spiritual enhancements through helpful spiritual programs stop watching these encouraging programs because television broadcasts them? As Figure 1 depicts, would it be appropriate to conclude that all television is evil, in spite of all the informative news coverage? Although there is “toxic media,” as Wendy Kaminer negatively defined television’s media, television can actually be positive. By viewing educational, spiritual, and informative programs in moderation, television can be beneficial. Educationally, television is favorable to the young and the old. With young students, the NHSA Dialog has provided positive reports on young students concerning their educational literacy. According to their journal, there are drastic improvements in literacy by those who watch educational programs via television, that is, “educational programming can improve certain literary skills;” successively, these improvements have “not been found in non-educational programs.” Therefore, there is an additional benefit in watching…

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