Television : American Horror Story Essay

1062 Words Dec 5th, 2014 null Page
In 1927 the first demonstration of how the most common household item that Americans own was put to the test. From that moment on, the lives of most were instantly changed just by the release of the T.V. Television is a part of our everyday lives that very few go without watching. Many people don’t realize how much television they watch on a weekly bases even when they are not “really” watching it. Commercials constantly advertise up and coming series or recaps of previous series via Netflix or Hulu. True blood, Criminal minds, once upon a time, and Revenge on shows that are often raved about for the topics that are discussed. What causes such heat is whether or not these series that viewers tune into on certain weekdays is if they are too controversial for cable television. American Horror Story is a major controversial show that has fans hooked on its suspense as well as gaudy plot line. Spectators are in awe with the creation of each character development as the season changes to a new time period and theme each year. This television series simply breaks all the rules when it comes down to the other programs that are out and takes the television world to a whole new level. Each season holds most of the main characters yet has a completely different set up and story line. The show brings about so much discussion with what how each horror story plays out. Some of the main subject matter that has the majority of the tendentious deliberation would be the sex scenes as…

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