Television Ad : The Superbowl Commercial For Pokemon 's Newest Game

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The television ad I chose was the superbowl commercial for Pokemon 's newest game, Pokken Tournament.


The unique selling point of this ad is the Pokemon themself. The ad starts off generically with various kids around the world performing acts that have nothing to do with the game series before finally showing the Pokemon charachers near the end. Showing the Pokemon in the real world is what sets this ad aside from others because no other ads can have the characters in them but many have similar beginnings to this commercial. This commercial appeals mostly to gamers because its advertising for the game series and uses slice of life marketing framework by showing everyday kids around the world trying to compete in their own events. This ad didn 't really affect my values or actions but it did make me intrested in buying the game because i am a long time fan of the series. I chose this ad because i thought it was intresting how very little of the product being advertised is actually shown but still leaves an effective mark on the viewer. I think the company is trying to advertise for both the series and the game with this commercial. I would rate this ad is begin very effective because i remember it weeks after i first saw it.

An ad i often see when i am on the internet is this one: I see this everytime i watch youtube videos. This ad is for a…

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