Television : A Dominant Source Of Receiving News And Entertainment

1809 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 null Page
Television has drastically evolved since the 1950s. The changes that are most obvious are the quality, size and appearance. Today television is still a predominant source of receiving news and entertainment as it was before. There is one difference though, more and more people are starting to use their phones, tablets and computers to watch television. Although this is something that can be seen in almost every household, I don’t think that this will be theme in the future. There is something different about watching television on the actual television than on a handheld device. Watching television on a handheld device is completely different than watching on television. From personal experience I know that you are unable to watch every channel on a handheld device. Now one of the reasons that I know this is like this is because I thought that I could watch every channel on my computer. I couldn’t. Apparently there are contracts within each provider that allows for its subscribers to watch certain channels online. Channels like ESPN have streams available for the viewer like me to watch. But when I want to watch a like MSG Network, I can’t because MSG’s contract with Verizon doesn’t allow them to stream MSG on their live streams. Verizon FIOS only streams 79 channels live according to their website. These channels do not include CBS, FOX, ABC and NBC. How are we able to watch these from our hand held devices? The easiest response to the limited amount of channels…

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