Essay on Telescopes in Astronomy

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Telescopes in Astronomy
January 26, 2015

Telescopes in Astronomy
Telescopes are one of man's greatest inventions. The instrument makes distant objects appear closer and they have taken us on a fantastic voyage of learning about and understanding our universe. This paper will focus on the importance of telescopes, major designs, strengths and weaknesses of telescope locations, and where the best place to build them is. In addition, frequencies of light and the role they play in telescopes are discussed. Prior to the telescope the universe was studied, but without the telescope many discoveries would not have been possible. Birth of the Telescope
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Strengths include that they are easy to use and are excellent in looking for nebulae, star clusters, and remote galaxies. They deliver bright images and are portable and compact. Weaknesses involve not being suited for terrestrial applications and because the tube is open to air they require slightly more maintenance and care. Refracting telescope
The most common telescope is the refracting telescope. It is a thin, long tube that passes light in a straight line from the objective lens to the eyepiece (Sharma, 2015). Strengths include their simplistic design and easy use. They are excellent for binary stargazing, planetary, lunar, and distant terrestrial viewing. The tube is sealed to help protect the optics from dust. They are heavier and bulkier, and are less suited for viewing nebulae and distant galaxies. Catadioptric telescope
The catadioptric telescope uses a combination of lenses and mirrors folding optics to form images (Sharma, 2015). They are the most popular telescope and have two designs, the Maksutov-Cassegrain and the Schmidt-Cassegrain (Sharma, 2015). The Makustov-Cassegrain's design

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