Telenursing: Nursing and Home Health Essay

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Telenursing…the Future Is Now
Trishana Mcintosh
Chamberlain University

Telenursing…The Future Is Now

“…. 45 percent of patients prefer phone communication while 49 percent prefer email communication. (Study Reveals Personalizd, Virtual Messages Are Key To Patient Engagement)” Telehealth encompasses preventive, promotive and curative aspects of healthcare in efforts to assist patients in maintaining their maximum levels of health and wellness. Telenursing more specifically is the use of telephone communications to provide nursing care to patients. This is what Manual will be doing if he decides to accept the position of telenurse specialist at the home health agency. Instead of the
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Lines of liability and jurisdiction are unclear when telehealth or telenuring cross state lines. Questions regarding whether nurses need to be licensed in every state that they provide tele-sevices to patients persist and remain to be unanswered. Likewise nurses need to be cautious of receiving orders from physicians in other states. Installation of required equipment and networking services can be costly. The field of telehealth services is so new that it lacks any structured set of standards. Accreditation and regulatory matters may be different and may need to be reviewed from the sole aspect of telehealth.
With all that being said, after all the technicalities are worked out the field of teleheatlh will be imperative to maintaining patient health. Telenursing is new to the healthcare field and its contributions to healthcare are currently immeasurable. Manuel will have to become comfortable with computers and technology as they are at the center of providing patient care via telenursing. If the goal is to be able to spend more time at home and provide patient care at the same time tis would be a great opportunity for him. In my opinion Manuel’s twelve years of experience on the medical surgical floor has undoubtedly prepared him to be an amazing telenurse.

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