Telecommuting : A Viable Option For Businesses Essay

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Telecommuting is the future, which gives freedom to the one who chooses to work from home. So what are the influences of telecommuting? Many individuals see this as having freedom but telecommuting is much more than being independently remote. Imagine all the optimistic possibilities one can do remotely. Research indicates employees and employers both save time and money. Studies will also substantiate telecommuting is a noble business practice and that there are several significant advantages of telecommuting. However, there may be others that might disagree. The business industry changes faster than ever, but not everyone may see the potential that telecommuting brings to the table. Is the option to telecommute a viable option for businesses? While telecommuting does pose some challenges; it is still a positive business practice because the growing trend shows benefits of saving time and money, working flexible hours, job gratification, and higher productivity.
The business world is starting to see more companies considering the option of telecommuting as a benefit to a corporation’s bottom line because of the savings of time and money when employees have the opportunity to work from home. To help uncover the impact of telecommuting research conducted at Stanford University proves to telecommute has several advantages and cost savings. The estimated savings for a business can be as much as $8,000 per year. Emily Goodman (2013) expresses, “eliminating the need…

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