Telecommunication Industry Essay

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In India, as in many developing countries, the banking sector has been the dominant element in the country’s financial system. The sector has performed the key functions of providing liquidity and payment services to the real sector and has accounted for the bulk of the financial intermediation process. Besides institutionalizing savings, the banking sector has contributed to the process of economic development by serving as a major source of credit to households, Government, business and weaker sectors of the economy like village and small scale industries and agriculture. In recent times, Indian banking industry has swiftly introduced innovative banking technologies in banking services. The current study attempts to
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This research is based on primary and secondary data. The topics like role of banking and e-banking with its benefits and challenges are taken from and from other research papers on e-banking from The response of the customers to the transition in banking from manual to electronic is collected by the mode of questionnaire to a sample restricted to Kolkata only. Secondary data will be included depending on the availability of it.
Questionnaire will be used to analyse the response of customers to the rapidly evolving nature of banking sector. The market research tool, factor analysis might be used to analyse data collected through questionnaire. Factor analysis will help analyse the factors affecting customer response to e-banking through a factor reduction process. Secondary data collected will be analysed by using relevant statistical tools.
While electronic banking can provide a number of benefits for customers and new business opportunities for banks, it exacerbates traditional banking risks. Even though considerable work has been done in adapting banking and supervision regulations, continuous vigilance and revisions will be essential as the scope of e-banking increases. Moreover, the ease with which capital can potentially be moved between banks and across borders in an electronic environment creates a greater sensitivity to

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