Telecommunication Industry In Nigeria Case Study

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The telecommunication industry has over the last thirty years witnessed massive growth and innovation due to the major roles it plays in shaping the lives of people in a country. The significance of telecommunication includes facilitating an effective environment for conducting businesses, creating an environment where people can freely interact as well as providing employment opportunities to dozens of people. The telecommunication industry in Nigeria has not been left behind since it rhymes with the global trend.
The telecommunication industry in Nigeria has grown from state-owned telecommunication industries to privately-owned telecommunication industries that are facilitating massive competition in a bid of increasing in innovation and
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The three major competitors in the industry are MTN, Globacom and Airtel. According to a report done by a London based research team, Pyramid Research, the two companies (MTN and Airtel) contributed a lion share of 68 per cent of the total $9.8 Billion meant for revenue for the telecommunication industry. The above assessment leaves 34 per cent to be shared by the rest of the over eighty licensed companies (“Nigeria- Telecoms Infrastructure, Operators, Regulations- Statistics and Analyses-BuddeComm”, …show more content…
Its main role is to ensure that the private sector participates fully in the telecommunication industry by regulating their activities and processes so that the consumers enjoy fair pricing (“Nigeria- Telecoms Infrastructure, Operators, Regulations- Statistics and Analyses-BuddeComm”, 2016). The above role has made the NCC to issue licences to private operators in the industry by allowing them to incorporate both fixed lines wireless telephones and analogue mobile phones. In 2003, the famous 2003 Act enabled the NCC to be a fully independent regulator. Before then, the Ministry of Communication could interfere with the policies and the decisions given by NCC (Okunola,

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