Telecommunication Industry Essay

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Register to read the introduction… The current trend in the Wireless Telecommunication Industry seems to be the introduction of plans like; The Unlimited voice plans and then unlimited voice, text, and data plans initially introduced by providers like Verizon. In an effort to promote its extensive 3G coverage, companies like Sprint have come up with plans like; “Simply Everything” plan for 110$, which provides unlimited voice and data to its customers.

The patterns in the Wireless Telecommunication Industry have been pretty much the same as other industries; with slowing down in the growth potential during the recession period and then picking up during better economic times. Other important economic factors that seem to be repeating in a pattern are the Interest Rates and Exchange Rates, which depend on the country’s economic status, with a rise in Inflation proportionately increasing these rates. The factors that have remained consistent in economic environments have been an ever increasing demand for a raise in employee salaries and
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The other trend that has caught people’s attention is the language. Now a days more and more network providers are providing services in various languages based on consumer needs irrespective of the national and international boundaries; for example companies like T-Mobile and Verizon now provide telecom services in many languages like Spanish and …show more content…
The emergence broadband services like 4G have made the competition intense, for instance; AT&T started offering plans ranging from 20$ for 300 MB to 70$ for 4GB for smart phones, which prompted Verizon to announce that it would allow its existing customers to migrate to the latest 4G LTE plan for free of cost while still carrying the existing plans. In developing countries, technological innovations have also enabled the expansion of telecom industry from major cities to rural areas where majority of the population is located, hence increasing the number of

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