Teens Has A Negative Effect On Our Lives Essay

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Teens have been evolving for centuries at first it started with teens getting married off and raising a family, then it changed to teens in the working force, now it’s teens getting an education, but the tables have turned. In current days, teens are spending hours on their phones. The more time they spend on their phones the more their changing. Some teens are changing for the better and others for the worse.

I think that teens constantly texting has a negative effect on all of their aspects of their life. For starters, texting constantly can hurt your eyes, with teens always being on their phones texting they strain their eyes, said Jessica Samakow from Huffington Post(1).This is a news article, the author is a culture and style writer. Her name is Jessica Samakow and she did research on teens. While she was writing this article she added a “What to do” part for each section. Some sections are teens hunching over, eyesight, and more. Also, teens tend to text at night, which makes it worse. Teens texting at night can reflect the parental supervision on the teen. Parents who allow their teens to text at night are the same parents that most likely struggle with teens grades. Teen brains don’t develop during this age that much, but this excessive amount of texting can affect it.

Parents always think that there is only one way to raise their kids. That maybe taking their phone completely away at night is going to help the teen get a better report card. In reality it’s…

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