Teens And Teens : Teens Essay

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The excitement that a driver’s license brings to a teenager is one of the few things that hasn’t changed over the years. To teens, driving brings a sense of freedom and independence, it boosts self-esteem, and makes one feel grown up. However, teenagers have less experience, maturity, and driver training than most adults. Therefore, more teenage drivers are involved in car crashes every year and more are being killed.
The number of teenage deaths is increasing because teenagers are immature and believe they are invincible. They think they can speed, not wear seatbelts, drink and drive, and drive distracted. Due to lack of experience, teenagers are more likely to act recklessly behind the wheel, endangering their life and those around them. The first few hundred miles for a teenage driver are very critical. During this time, teens are likely to be in auto crashes than adult drivers. Teenagers are learning how to drive during poor weather conditions, drive during the night, and overcome road rage. When these situations occur, teen drivers are less prepared. In a matter of fact, new drivers have a reaction time of 1.5 to 2 seconds because they lack in situational awareness.
Drugs and alcohol are also causes of teenage driving deaths. Drinking and smoking during high school is part of the norm. Teenagers believe, in order to have fun they need to be intoxicated. But because teenagers are so young they don’t know how alcohol or other drugs may affect their body, which makes…

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