Teens : A Serious Thing For Everyone Essay

1172 Words Dec 18th, 2015 null Page
Depression is a serious thing for everyone, but especially in teens. This is why teens need to watch what they look up and say online. Once it’s online it never truly goes away. Teens even talk about Substance abuse, violence, and sex online. The number of teens posting about alcohol use is 37%, tobacco use is 13%, drug use is 10.2%, use of any substance is 41%, use of more than one substance is 15.6%, and use of all three substances is 3.6%. Violence is another thing that teens choose to talk about online. 14.4% of profiles had reference to violence. Along with drugs and violence teens also had sexual references. 24% of teen profiles had references to sex and 3.6% of profiles had self-disclosure of sexual activity. In fact, there were 54.4% of teen profiles that had some reference to any of the three risky behaviors listed above (Teens refer to Risky Behaviors online).
With risky behaviors or posts online the chance of meeting someone who can “help” or “relate” to the same problems as others are pretty high. This is where sexual predators come in. If a teen is going through a rough time and they feel like they can’t relate to anyone or talk to anyone they might feel the need to talk to a strange person. Many sexual predators are actually family, friends, or acquaintances. They will use the internet to build trust with the intended victim and they also have a significant advantage over a stranger (Hopkins). Strangers that approach teens online will first try to…

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