Teenagers And Eating Disorders

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“In this business there is an insane amount of pressure, spoken and unspoken, to be thin. If you look at some of the television shows, eating disorders become like a competitive thing” (Kim Raver). When Kim Raver said this quote she meant that their is more pressure to be thin and it is turning into something that people compete over. Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia and the two most common eating disorders. Anorexia Nervosa, or just Anorexia, is where people that are thin feel fat so they starve themselves and take laxatives to lose weight. Bulimia is when people that are normal weight binge and purge food. Most females that have an eating disorder want to be skinny when they are already thin while most males who have a disorder want to lose weight …show more content…
Depression is very common with teenagers that have eating disorders. Teenagers might have depression from their family life at home. Physical, emotional and sexual abuse might make the teenager get an eating disorder. If they blame themselves for the abuse, they think that having an eating disorder will gain the sense of control. They might even do it as a way to punish themselves. Teenagers might also engage in self harming because of the depression. Suicide is also a factor in having an eating disorder. The teenagers have suicide thoughts and might end up committing suicide. Having an eating disorder also affect the mind. Teenagers that are suffering from this can have anxiety. This would make them overthink every little thing. They might also suffer from self-doubt and guilt. This comes when they don’t feel like they are worth living for. They have a lack of self worth. They might also feel shame and hopelessness. They feel like they will never be able to get better and that no one likes them anymore. It is also very hard for friends and family of a teenager with an eating disorder. Their relationship is pulled away from each other. The teenager might feel they don’t want anything to do with anyone. This could result in losing their friends. The teenager might have lost hope in their future. If they lose hope then they could end up thinking about suicide. If the teenager does commit suicide this would destroy their friends but mostly their family. The teenager had an addiction that they couldn’t stop. Their family feels guilty, they worry about their child, and they have frustration. Their family also deals with anxiety

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