Essay on Teenagers : A Social Life

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One of the most difficult and complicated parts of a person’s life is their teenage years. Many decisions by teenagers make direct and influential impacts their future, particularly towards their future college, job, and level of success. While going through massive bodily changes, a teenager has to deal with school work, sustaining a social life, and making time for extracurricular activities, all while making some of the most important choices of their lives. With so many different expectations to meet both socially and academically, being a teenager is no walk in the park. Children entering their adolescent and teenage years should know to prioritize academics over sustaining a social life, to make time for extracurricular activities, and to behave in a responsible and legal manner at all times. Probably the largest struggle for teenagers is the balance of their social life and their academic effort. Teenagers want to hang out, party, and be popular, but often they also want to get into good colleges and succeed in the world. This contradiction is often a major problem in teenagers lives, and teens commonly have trouble prioritizing efficiently and productively. Some possible advice to a future adolescent regarding the balance of social lives and school work would be to always prioritize school work over social life, although there will be situations where it may seem otherwise. Nevertheless, there will be times when social life is prioritized over school work.…

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