Teenage Volleyball Co Ed League Essay

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For three years, my addiction to volleyball became apparent. Playing in tournaments, leagues, and local scrimmages as much as possible, it was clearly an addiction. The adrenaline involved in tight matches, the split second decisions that decided whether you would win the next point or lose it. Those were things that kept me coming back for more.

One of the leagues I had been participating in for at least 3 years was the Adult Volleyball Co-ed League in McAllen. The last 2 years, team TCB (Taking Care of Business) failed to take home the championship. The odds were not in our favor. Our team consisted of players new to the sport just like myself. My taller friend, Marco had been playing for a year longer that myself. It also had a couple, which had been playing together a long time, and they would later marry: Lorena and Raul. Lorena had played for UTPA for her College career as a setter, and Raul had played over 20 years and played for a select team in Mexico. We also had a great setter from Mexico named Oscar. He currently plays for the Tamaulipas select team and travels Mexico to play leagues and tournaments. Very talented, Oscar could hit any ball given to him and serve people off the court, in laymen terms, he could take care of a team just by drilling 70mph serves at the opponents from the service line.

In the United States, volleyball is not taught to boys, just to girls in the public school system 7thgrade to 12th. The sport is the most played sport in the world,…

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