Teenage Sexual Behavior Essay

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Teenage Sexual Behavior
Imagine a show that promotes sex, bad habits, and a longing to be rich. A show where people dress provacitivly and encourage plastic surgery. This is a show that wants to trap our youth into their ridiculous lifestyle. This is just a small example of one of the many things that promote teen sex in this beautiful country we call America. Although these people fully understand the impact they have on teenage minds, they choose to flaunt this lifestyle anyway. Society loves to use shows to promote negativity onto teens. This is a major issue in today’s society. Not only because they know what they’re feeding us is negative, but because they are fine with being that type of role model. This doesn’t always come from the media.
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Having or not having uniforms can effect teenage sexual behavior. Students and teachers may not think so, but it does. In most public schools, dress codes aren’t too strict; girls can wear heels, crop tops, or even tights. Dressing provocatively is a problem and a distraction not only to other students, but to staff and administration as well. There are plenty of cases where teachers are in awkward predicaments because of a poorly dressed student. Enforcing uniforms in all schools would be helpful because it could also prevent bullying and peer pressure. Popularity plays a role in teens being sexually active. Seven times out of ten, a high school student will do anything to be popular. If this means having sex, they’re willing to take the risk. Another factor is that health and sex education isn’t being taught the way it should be. “…47 percent of all high school students say they have had sex” (State Policies). Since teens are owning up to it, schools are providing condoms and advice on …show more content…
The physical, mental, and emotional pain that one feels when being raped as a child, will leave permanent bruses on hearts and minds of young teens. It is absolutely heart breaking to know that “…sexual abuse in the family are linked to increased risk of teenage pregnancy” (Site-wide). Promiscuous parents won’t ever be good role models for their kids. A teenager needs to have parents who can lead by example and not just talk the talk. There are so many teens who don’t take their parents seriously because they don’t practice what they preach. Parents who teach and encourage abstinence are best for teens learning about sex. Parents who teach on sexual health give their kids the opportunity and ability to understand and weigh the risks (Site-wide). Being a smart, caring parent can make or break a teen’s future. FamilyFacts declares that a teen whose mother talks about social and moral consequences about sexual activity are “…less likely to engage in sexual intercourse”. Unfortunately, teens are “least likely to seek information from their parents” (Site-wide). This means that parents have to step up and talk to their teens before it’s too

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