Teenage Pregnancy Rates Have Been On The Rise For Years Now Essay

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Teenage pregnancy rates have been on the rise for years now. Two generations ago a teen getting pregnant might have been the scandal of the season but now it is common to have at least one set of teenage parents in a high school. So, what initiated this trend? Media, abortions, and the lack of sex education have led to an increase in teenage pregnancies. Most notable is the effect of media on adolescence minds.

Media exposes children to sex at a young age through pop culture, TV shows, advertising. Popular role models like Miley Cyrus, Niki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez are seen as sex icons also. Teenagers think sex is “cool” and “everyone is doing it” because the top dogs in Hollywood portray it as such. Ariana Grande is yet another example of a child becoming sexual way too early. Though she may not be as blunt about it as Miley, she struts around very scantily clothed. Hollywood depicts it as normal to walk around half naked exposing yourself to the world. These stars and directors know that sex sells and they use it in many productions. Some well known Disney movies are known to have adult humor in them. Adults think that because the children are too young to understand the jokes and comments that it does not do any harm to let them watch, but this could not be any further from the truth. Adult humor in children movies can desensitize kids at a young age to sex and further insinuates that there are no consequences to these actions. Disney even goes as far as to show…

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