The Issue Of Teenage Pregnancy In The United States

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Throughout the generations, teenagers are still the way they used to be. They are full of energy, disobedient at times, and just want to have fun. This is all what youth is about. You should always cherish certain stages in life because time is one thing you never get back. However, for some, their time has accelerated so rapidly that it ultimately comes to a screeching halt. A halt by a series of loud cries. At the tender age of sixteen, thousands of females find themselves in this tough position. One that that they must urgently fulfill as a mother. Indeed, teenage pregnancy is still a problem we need to address. Increased exposure to Sex Education will drastically lower rates. To clarify, teenage pregnancy is defined as any female between the ages of thirteen and nineteen becoming pregnant with a child. In the case of the United States, 750,000 of females become pregnant each year. To illustrate, one in every three females. That’s a big number that calls for concern. Even though the rate of teenage pregnancy occurring in the U.S has declined from the year 1990’s to now, there is still a shocking truth behind it. Among all developed nations, the U.S reigns at the top of having the highest rate of teen pregnancy. With those facts established, how can the issue of teenage pregnancy be addressed? Well, the choice of comprehensive sex …show more content…
Eliminating the need of a prescription would usher in a health risk to thousands of females. Please keep in mind that a doctor’s input on any medication or drug is for your safety. With this in mind, birth control pills like any form of medication, carries their own set of side-effects. Due to the nature of the pill it affects a female’s hormones. Once more, the female may suffer anywhere from undesirable things such as, weight gain, swollen breasts, mood changes, abdominal pain, blurred vision, severe headaches, aching in the legs or thighs, and much

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