Teenage Pregnancy Is The Absence Of Proper Parenting Essay

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“Mom can you take care of the baby while I get dressed for school”, “Mom can you take care of the baby while I go to Alexa’s birthday party” ,“Mom can you take care of the baby while I go to my prom.” These are the common burdens placed upon not only teen moms but teen moms’ parents. “In to Texas birth records and population projections were used to simulate rates among women ages 15-19 years from 2005 to 2015” (Lopez, Castrucci, Sayegh, Lewis) Today’s society the most valid reason for teenage pregnancy is the absence of proper parenting to son or daughter communication.
Every day one hears of young high school couples that are having a baby. Parents do not have communication with their kids about sex because they do not want them to have knowledge on the topic. They think that giving them “the talk” will open the doors for their kids to have curiosity and then they will go and have sex. Also parents have a hard time trying to communicate with their kids about sex because it’s awkward and causes tension among them. However, teenagers will still be exposed to sex ideas due to movies, TV shows Sixteen and pregnant, music, and commercials. At night it is fairly seen advertisements and commercials on late night talks with young women. These commercials emphasize sex and implies it with the background seductive music. While the music is playing they will be slowly deliberate messages such as “Call and come play with us” or “We are eighteen”. This causes unlimited access for young…

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