Teenage Pregnancy Is An Issue Of International Significance And Relevance

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Teenage pregnancy is an issue of international significance and relevance to social services. The rate of adolescent pregnancies have increased as sexual activities are becoming more prevalent at younger ages (Silva & Stanton, 1996). For the purpose of this essay, this issue will be defined as unplanned or unwanted pregnancy in women under the age of eighteen, or below the legal age of adulthood. Because early parenting correlated with poorer outcomes for children and the mother, it has become a recognised problem( Families commission, 2011). The consequences of falling pregnant before adulthood statistically give greater risk of social, economic and psychological disadvantages and therefore also require social service attention (Yazdkhasti et al., 2015).

Unwanted pregnancies require adolescents to make a decision whether to keep the baby, or to consider abortion or adoption. These options both have high risks of medical and psychological trauma, providing needs for social workers to participate. However, if the adolescent does become a mother, there is a high risk that she won’t be able to participate in opportunities such as education, experience and receice the support that will affect herself and her child’s wellbeing.

This topic of adolescent pregnancy was chosen because it is a significant national issue in the New Zealand social work community. New Zealand is identified as having the second highest rate of teenage childbirth in the OECD (Nash, 2001). I chose this…

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