Teenage Pregnancy : Causes And Effects Essay

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In America, approximately 750,000 of 15 to 19-year-olds become pregnant each year. Teenage pregnancy is almost always unintended. The causes and effects of teenage pregnancy are different for every young girl it effects.
Teenage girls are more likely to become pregnant when they have little to no parental guidance in their lives. Because parents of the said demographic are usually too preoccupied with matters such as financial stability and maybe their work, they are not as supportive as they should be. High school girls are a very susceptible and at risk. They need someone they can turn to in times of confusion and someone to confide in when lost. When a parent is absent in a girl 's life, a girl will often turn to the nearest source of constant attention. Anyone with a brain knows a high school boy can fake attention and caring with the best of them. This results in the girl being misinformed, putting her at risk for pregnancy.
Secondly, teenagers are more at risk if they are uneducated and misinformed. Many teenagers are unaware of the dangerous and emotional aspects associated with having sex. For example, movies such as "Fifty Shades of Grey", illustrate a vision of sex that is appealing to one 's mind. Social media and entertainment easily glamorizes sex, but doesn 't mention the real consequences of it. Friends also play a role in a girl being misinformed. When a girl becomes involved with a crowd who makes poor decisions, she will then do the same. These ill-informed…

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