Essay on Teenage Pregnancy And Teen Pregnancy

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Teen Pregnancy Pregnancy can be a tough thing to go through but, it can be even harder when you 're a teenager. This issue has become more and more common throughout the entire United States. The rates of teenage pregnancy will continue to increase as the years go on. I believe that parents in this time of age aren’t preparing their children with the sex talk that parents used to give. If more children were to hear the stories about how hard is it to raise children or explained to that their life will change dramastically, then maybe the rates of teenage pregnancy will eventually decline. Things that should be discussed with children is who it 's going to most affect in their lives and how it’s going to affect them, how having a child is going to affect their life in society, what the consequences could be, and what the rates are for teenage pregnancies.
Teenage pregnancy is defined as a teenage girl, usually within the ages 13-19, become pregnant (Unicef, 1). Pregnancy can occur from before a girl starts their first menstrual period but more likely after they have had ongoing cycles. Pregnant women develop a child or young in their uterus, or as most people say in the belly of the females. Pregnancy last about 9 months or 40 weeks, when a baby doesn’t make it to term is it call a premature birth. In the first 20 weeks a mother is more at risk of losing her child, the baby is fragile so within these first weeks they are at high risk for a miscarriages.
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