Teenage Pregnancy And Teen Pregnancy Essay

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Teenage pregnancy has become a major issue in today’s society for our adolescence. This is a major problem for all who are involved. It creates hurt and a struggle on the parents, especially for the mother (Gonchar and Schulten). Also for the parent(s) of the teenager this creates struggles for them because more often than not, they end up with the load of caring and looking after the child while the teenage parents are at school or out doing other things that teenagers do. Raising a child as a teenager is not easy. Teen parents are more likely to struggle to deal with parenthood, and the child is more likely to grow up with numerous issues. Every year about 750,000 teenage girls will get pregnant unexpectedly (Gonchar and Schulten). Then society is faced with the question of “Does Television Shows like 16 and Pregnant Promote or Discourage Teenage Pregnancy?” which has caused controversial discussions since the release of the show. There is no way to put the blame of an excess in teenage pregnancy on the creation of television shows such as this. Television media shows do not promote teenage pregnancy because we all know that getting pregnant is a result of one’s personal choices and decisions.
Since as early as the 1990s teenage pregnancy have posed a big problem for the United States society. The United States have the highest rate of teenage parents in the industrialized world. The debate and issue over teenage pregnancy came long before shows such as “Teen Moms” and…

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