Teenage Love In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Andrea Gautier
Ms. Klumpp
English IV p-5
15 April 2016
How Teenagers relate to Romeo and Juliet When you think of being in a relationship, do you picture it to be perfect? Well, relationships are never trouble-free. In the novel, Romeo and Juliet, the two star crossed lovers have a forbidden love for each other. They go through many obstacles just to be together. Just like these lovers, Romeo and Juliet, teens now-a-days are very naive when it comes to love. Teens are just so caught up in the moment that they do not realize what they are rushing into. Just like in the play, the two main characters rush into their love affair and do not think of the consequences. Teens in today 's society picture a flawless love when in reality, love comes with a challenge. Romeo and Juliet relate to teens today because they both share a common theme of naivety. Teens, such as Romeo and Juliet, are too young and
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