Essay on Teenage Girls With The Lack Of Education

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Research: Teenage girls with the lack of education

Step 1: Why we chose this topic
Lack of education has been a worldwide issue since a very long time, many people like Malala Yousafzai, have fought for the rights of education of girls. Despite many tries and determinations “121 million children worldwide do not attend school - 9 million more girls than boys. The report says an estimated 65 million girls are being denied basic education, increasing the likelihood they will live in poverty or die young.” (Tomiuc, E. (2003, December 11). There can be several of reasons why girls are denied to a brighter future in order to be happy and love themselves, for example many girls live in war zones were they are not allowed to get an education and if they try to get education them and their families will get threatened to get killed , and other than that there might be no schools at all because of war. Another reason that girls do not attend school is because of be that because of poverty where they are forced to work every day in sweatshops, farms, and factories in order to help support their families. Last but not least many girls do not attend school because they are victims of child marriage “15 million girls around the globe every year” (Early and forced Marriage (EFM). (3AD), and most of these girls do not even know the meaning of marriage at such a young age, and when they get introduced to marriage most girls feel a shock which some girls cannot recover from, which the…

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