Essay on Teenage Girls : Parental Consent

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Forty-four percent of females between the ages of fifteen and nineteen reported having sexual intercourse (“American Teens’”). As girls turn into teenagers, parents are faced with the choice whether or not to expose their children to contraceptive methods. Some parents believe that by giving their teenagers contraceptive, teenagers will take it as encouragement, or the okay, to partake in sexual intercourse. In reality, teenagers are going to engage in sexual intercourse regardless if the parents expose their teen to contraceptive. Some parents believe teenage girls are not fully developed mentally at this age, making them too immature to make such a decision by themselves. In some cases teenage girls do not feel comfortable talking to her parents about being put on birth control. Therefore, teenage girls should have the access to birth control without parental consent. Teenage girls should have access to birth control without parental consent because it helps prevent unwanted pregnancies, provides noncontraceptive health benefits, and the effects of teenage pregnancy later in life.
Teenage girls need to have access to birth control to help prevent unwanted pregnancies. Not only is it important to prevent pregnancies, it is important that we prevent the health issues that come along with teenage pregnancies. Teenage girls are more likely to have complications such as : “maternal illness, miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal death” (“Reducing Teenage Pregnancy”).…

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