Teenage Girls And Teen Girls Essay

1471 Words Jul 22nd, 2015 null Page
Numerous teenage girls between the ages of fifteen and nineteen are having sex without any contraceptive because of the lack of sexual education. Every parent should talk briefly with their child about birth control during their pre-teen years because the generation has changed drastically. Today’s grandparents and parents often tell stories about how society was more conservative in their days. Because of this has changed, teenage girls are getting pregnant before their body has matured. Parents should teach their teens about sex before they get the wrong ideas and information regarding sex. In order to reduce teenage pregnancy, teenage girls should take advantage of the lessons in shows like Teen Mom, there should be more education and resources available to every teenage girl and parents, especially fathers should be more involved in the lives of their children.
The television show, Teen Mom, has opened a door for teenage girls to learn from the lives of the average teen mom struggling to take care of a child every day. It is an opportunity for teenage girls to know more about birth control and abortions, and the consequences of having a child as a teenager. Even if parents choose not teach their teenager about sex, they can still learn about birth control, sex and even abortion through TV. According to the author, Paul Schneider, since Teen Mom has been broadcasted, teenage pregnancy has dropped 17.6 percent (2015). Because Teen Mom highlights how hard it is raising a…

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