Teenage Gangs And Gang Violence

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Teenage gang violence is one of the most dangerous acts that society often faces. People who are in gangs share similar goals and interests. However, gang violence plays a huge role in society, because teenagers all over the United States are being influenced to join a gang. So why would society change now? People do not realize the numbers are increasing for teenage gang violence. Teenage gang violence should be stopped. If gang violence were stopped, imagine how many people would live a better life, and how it would make our society a better place to live. Gang violence should not have the right to take over teenagers and adults lives. Gang violence affects our society because it increases the levels of crimes, and it makes people feel unsafe. But, as many of us know that 's more than likely not going to happen. Gang violence plays a huge role that causes inequality in society because people who are involved in gangs are treated equally. Society is also not treated equally, by people having to hear about gang involvement. Teenage gang violence can be difficult to understand. Especially since people decide to be in a gang. When people think of gang violence they automatically think African Americans are the main ones who are responsible. This is not true; Caucasians …show more content…
People who are in gangs do not think about things, they let their emotions decide for them. Being in a gang affects people 's appearance and personality. However, people wonder why teenagers choose to join a gang. Gang violence is something that many people cannot always get out of. It 's like once you join there 's no way out. There are various reasons why teenagers choose to join gangs. Teenagers who join gangs know what they are getting themselves into, such as being involved in violent acts. Teenagers also join gangs for opportunities of making money, peer pressure, or even having a place to fit in ("Why Do People Join

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