Teenage Drugs Essay

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Register to read the introduction… The parties are typically called skittles parties. Each teen will bring some kind of pharmaceutical drug and they will dump them into a big bowl. The host will mix the pills up and they will provide some kind of drink to help the guests take them. Everyone will take a handful of medication and take whatever they get. Sometimes the host will have alcohol as a drink option which increases the risk of harsh sickness and also death. What the kids don’t know is that some drugs don’t mix. When you’re sick and the doctor needs to prescribe you medication he will ask what medications you are currently taking. They have to ask so that they will not prescribe a medication that does not mix with another that you may be taking. Another way for kids to access drugs is that they will sell them on the street like they are street drugs. “A lot of people think that taking prescription medication is okay because it’s not illegal. The truth is taking a prescription drug or giving a prescription drug is a form of using drugs or dealing drugs,” (Drug Free …show more content…
Most commonly girls will take them to try and lose weight. They will take enough of them to make them sick. Boys are more common to take prescription drugs to get high. Teens will resort to pharmaceutical drugs over street drugs because they are cheaper. Also it is usually harder to discover that you are on prescription drugs than street drugs. The side effects of street drugs are more immediate and noticeable both in your actions and your physical appearance. Teens will take pharmaceutical drugs because they believe it will “help them in school”. What the drugs really do is make the day go by faster nut it will retain very little information. 24% of high school students have admitted to abusing pharmaceutical drugs, a 33% increase from 2008. 24% rounds to about 5 million kids. A very scary reason for kids to start abusing medication is to commit suicide. They will try and overdose and if they do not succeed they may try mixing medications, taking them with alcohol or dramatically increasing the amount of pills. Sometimes teens will go to the doctor and say that something is wrong, they feel depressed or that they feel sick just to get medications. If the teen doesn’t want to steal medications or lie to get them they will pay. Usually kids will buy the medications from someone they know or someone a friend referred. Prescriptions are sold for much less than street drugs but usually more than the person who is dealing got them

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