Teen Depression Research Papers

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Depression is a mood disorder. Teenagers often experience mood swings that cause them to feel good on one day, and become moody and miserable the next day. Depression can sometimes be misinterpreted as being in a bad mood but depression is more complicated. When depressed, the mind is taken over by worries, criticism, guilt and thoughts of suicide. A depressed teen seem to find no satisfaction and peace from dark, negative emotions and thoughts. This sense of hopelessness is why depressed teens feel miserable. Depression has been known as serious illness for a ;long time as far back as the fifth century B.C., and its depressive symptoms such as sadness, irritability, sleeplessness, and reduced appetite. A lot of publications have been made about depression which has helped scientists gain a better understanding of it. Although, people …show more content…
While some exhibit almost all the symptoms mentioned above, some may exhibit just a few. Changes in sleep pattern is a common warning signs in a teen that suffers from depression, but because teenagers naturally require more sleep than adults, parents often mistake this sign for a normal teenage behavior. A normal teen feels energetic after sleeping soundly for eight hours. A depressed teen however, still feels exhausted even after sleeping soundly for several hours.
Primary forms of depression include major depressive disorder, minor depression and Dysthymia. The most severe form of depression is called major depressive disorder. Teens who suffer from major depressive disorder exhibit five or more symptoms almost every day for two weeks or more, and the symptoms usually include depressed mood or loss of interest in pleasure. Loss of interest in pleasure signifies depression at its worst, and it causes so much pain and misery to sufferers. It makes them wonder whether life is even worth living hence, their suicidal

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