Teenage Conformity And Rebellion

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Conformity and Rebellion

In recent years, conformity and rebellion have become necessary stages for almost all teenagers who are in their adolescent movement. Meanwhile, during this period, teenagers suffer the pressure from their parents or society. Some of them might choose to follow other people and a few of them might fight for the rules. Therefore, tension is the main cause for adolescent conformity or rebellion. No matter whether the teens are conformable or rebellious, it is true that their behaviour is there to help prove themselves and obtain freedom, or gain an amount of emotional support. Conformity is when a group of people are always obedient to others or follow the crowd under social pressure. Nowadays, we can see this situation clearly, especially in adolescent life. Most teenagers are conformable and under control by their parents who are very strict and they become used to agreeing with others.
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First of all, social influences will give teens a lot of pressure. Even though the teenagers might have different opinions, they still want to be accepted by the majority of people. For example, a lot of homosexual adolescents hide themselves because they are afraid to come out of the closet and be judged by other people. In addition, conformity is the safe way that they can adapt into their environment. Secondly, parental tension will make teens want to rebel against the rules or system. A lot of strict parents, especially the Chinese parents who pay much attention to children’s grade will require their children to get perfect marks without considering their feelings. The Tiger Mother is a typical example, she requires her daughters at least get A for every subject. It is hard for the teenagers who always have an overload of stress; therefore adolescents would like to rebel against their parents in order to tell them what they

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