Teenage Boy, By Joe Cuevas Essay

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As a teenage boy that was living in San Antonio, Texas, Joe Cuevas was a troublesome young man that had quite a bit of learning and growing up to do. Every night Joe and his friends from his neighborhood would stand on the corner in front of the local grocery store on 6th and East Street causing trouble to the adults of the town that were walking around them. That troublesome teenager, was about to have his life change in an instant.

It was June 29th 1962 when Joe enlisted to be a communications person in the military, little did he know, he was going to be sent off to Vietnam as a door gunner in some of the largest helicopters and planes during that time. He was a strong, courageous young man for what he was about to do. Only being 17 years old, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. October 1962, he heard about how the military was looking for door gunners, and he immediately jumped at the opportunity. He tried for shotgun three, but got turned down because the Lieutenant did not want a immature 17 year old boy in his group. Even though he wanted to be a part of shotgun three, he volunteered for shotgun four, and made it because that Lieutenant just wanted young men who were going to be good at what they do. “I was good at what I was doing, so the Lieutenant told me to pack my bags because I was going to war”(Cuevas). In 1963, he soon started basic training to become a part of the military. On November 22, he was doing live battlefield training, going…

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