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Underage Drinking Rebuttal Analysis
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Most college students in the U.S fall between the 18-21 age bracket. As is custom, the highlight of an active collegiate lifestyle is partying, where binge drinking is the highlight of the day. In retrospect, the legal drinking age still stands at 21. Some proponents for the lowering of the legal drinking age from 18 to 21 contend that at that age, one is appended adult-like responsibilities such as the right to make decisions on their own, joining the military, marrying and starting a family, to mention but a few. In this regard, these proponents argue that if one is considered responsible enough to be trusted with the safety of the country, why
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Regrettably, this is but a fallacy in that, teens have and will most likely continue to abuse alcohol is such settings, regardless of whether or not the legal drinking age remain unaltered. This heartrending state of affairs begs the question of whether or not parents and society can do better to best prepare children and teens to be responsible drinkers. Banning the consumption of alcoholic beverages is not sufficient for these youth. Statistics from consistent surveys suggest that more than 70% percent of teens have consumed an alcoholic beverage at least once before achieving the legal drinking age of 21 (Spoth, Greenberg, & Turrisi, 2008).
To curb underage drinking, therefore, it is more logical to introduce them to the ill effects of alcohol consumption at an early age, so they can espouse some of the values portrayed, if not all. Waiting to restrain them on reaching age 18 does not withhold them from alcohol consumption, as most of them are in their last years of college, where experimentation is at an all-time high (Spoth, Greenberg, & Turrisi, 2008).). As such, introducing teenager sand children alike to alcohol and its ill-effects at an earlier stage in life is a far more effective strategy, as it both educates and prepares them to make sound decisions when they are in college.

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