Teen Texting Essay

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Texting and Teens in the Media

So the news is we have indefinitely entered a new zone of communication in the twenty-first century. “They do it at night when their parents are asleep. They do it in restaurants and while crossing the streets. They do it in the classroom with their hands behind their back. They do it so much their thumbs hurt.”(Hafner) Texting and teens has become a cause for concern. The stereotype of young chatty teens spending hours on the phone has faded. The interactions have been replaced with a kid hunched over a handset, tapping out texts, emails, or Facebook messages. Fox News aired a segment Sleep Texting a Growing Problem among Teens. The segment argued the relative health problems associated with teen
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With cell phone technology here to stay a liberal view needs to be taken. It was apparent the expert and host of segment clearly felt strongly on the issue and definably not open for a difference of opinion. They even mentioned starting a group called “Leaving all electronic devices on the first floor” which exhibited bias by condemnation. They clearly feel phones don’t belong in the teen’s room. They did an obvious job of bias by labeling because sleep texting isn’t only affecting the teen population, it can as well affect adults. It was absolutely bias by selection of sources when exhibiting an expert view by physiatrist Keith Ablow. The news brief targeted a large audience based on the popularity of teen texting and the virtual world that is known so well today. With the continuing advancement of technology this news brief exhibited what will be a continual impact for future news stories on technology and its effects on the younger generation. With the popularity of texting this news piece was undoubtly current in leading issues in society today. Old fashioned phone conversations are becoming a thing of the past with teen’s leading the way to this new trend of communication. Unfortunately this has only become the beginning of what will be seen as future ramifications of this virtual frenzy of texting and the youth. No one loves sleep more than a teen. Teens need at least nine hours of shuteye. With all the biological changes associated with puberty it

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