Teen Suicide Speech

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Teen Suicide

Attention Getter: Tell the story of Brittany, who committed suicide. According to recent statistics, every hour and 45 minutes a young person commits suicide.
Overview of topic: Teen suicide has been increasing over the past decade throughout the entire nation. The best way to prevent teen suicide is to inform people if its existence and to teach people to look for the warning signs.
Purpose Statement: Teen suicide is an important issue because it threatens so many lives that have great potential. To help you understand the severity of the issue, I will provide statistics about teen suicide, explain the warning signs, and provide examples of prevention techniques.

Main Support #1 – general information on teen suicide
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Facts and statistics from research
Suicide is the second leading cause of death among college students and the third leading cause of death among youth (ages 15-24)
Main Support #2 – warning signs
Signs that lead to depression change in eating
Withdrawal from friends

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