Teen Suicide Research Essay

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Teenage suicide is a major issue in today’s society; suicide is the intentional taking of one’s own life and is a momentous issue that should be addressed as quickly as possible. Teen suicide has been the topic of numerous news headlines; yet, it still continues to have a detrimental effect on today’s youth. In the United States, suicide is currently the eighth leading cause of death for Americans, and for young adults between the ages of 15 and 24, suicide is the third leading cause of death. This is extremely startling due to the fact that teen suicide is one of the most preventable forms of death. There are quite a number of allegories and misguided common beliefs that surround the subject of teenage suicide. An example is that people …show more content…
After hearing about Tyler Clementi’s suicide, it seemed for a while as if there was a new story on the news or on the Internet stating that another teen committed suicide due to bullying. It even got so bad that celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres, Elton John, Anne Hathaway, and many more began posting video messages in order to reach out to teens and to try to stop bullying.

Another common myth is that getting bullied is a natural part of growing up. Studies show that bullying does not make children more resilient; instead bullying does the opposite and causes children to feel more exposed and vulnerable. Although bullying mainly takes place among students during grade school, there are other places where people are liable to get bullied. A person can be bullied by a peer, a co-worker, or even a family member- most likely an older brother or sister. There are numerous bullying prevention programs out there that aim to help people not only cope with bullying, but they try and help the ones doing the bullying direct their anger in ways that are not harmful to others. Some of these programs include B.R.A.V.A (Bully Resistance And Violence Avoidance Program), Champions Against Bullying, Amazing Play Program, I Decide, Peace by PEACE, T.E.A.C.H (Teens Educating and Confronting Homophobia), Reach for the Stars, The RISE (Respect in Schools Everywhere) Program, Stand

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